New Report Published:

New Report Published: "Call for Communication, Collaboration, and Cash: Perceptions of Aid in Ukraine"

We are excited to share the recent publication of the report "Call for Communication, Collaboration, and Cash: Perceptions of Aid in Ukraine by Ground Truth Solutions. This report provides crucial insights into the views and expectations of people affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, which has resulted in one of the largest humanitarian crises in Europe in recent decades.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war on February 24, 2022, millions have been forced to leave their homes, with nearly 5 million internally displaced and 8 million refugees. As the war enters its second year, the humanitarian response has aimed to provide aid based on the needs and preferences of those affected.

In Ukraine, which is a digitally advanced lower-middle-income country, the focus of humanitarian aid has shifted towards cash assistance, localization, and accountability to affected populations. However, despite these efforts, the report shows that there is still much work to be done to make this response more effective.

Key findings from the report indicate that humanitarian organizations have primarily set up cash systems parallel to existing social protection schemes, and direct funding to local organizations remains less than 1% of total funding.

Accountability to affected populations continues to be a critical aspect of the humanitarian response in 2023. This report explores how affected people in Ukraine perceive the current humanitarian response after almost one year of full-scale war, their priorities for aid provision, and their recommendations for improvements.

The study was funded by Disaster’s Emergency Committee. For a Ukrainian version of the report, a bulletin with quantitative findings, or more information about the work in Ukraine, please contact or visit Ukraine — Ground Truth Solutions

Open Space Works Cooperative (OSCW) is a qualitative data collection partner of GTS in Ukraine and facilitates the focus group discussions and conducts the key informant interviews. 

We encourage you to read and share this report to better understand the needs and perspectives of those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. We are committed to using these findings to inform and improve our initiatives in support of the Ukrainian population.

Stay tuned to our OSWC website for further updates and insights on this report and our other ongoing projects.