Open Space Works Ukraine

We support development, humanitarian, and civil society actors in evidence-based decision-making by qualitative research and facilitation of participatory stakeholder dialogues.


Who we are

Open Space Works Ukraine is a female-headed private social change enterprise (with two female co-founders and one male co-founder) that originated from the Open Space Works Cooperative, a collective of independent consultants in Ukraine, established in 2016. 

We are committed to ensuring that our business approach creates as much good as our partner’s work. That’s why we independently support development, humanitarian, and civil society sectors by giving generously of our time and resources.
We are a Ukraine-based company that works in Ukraine and East Europe.

Our approach

We prioritise strategic partnerships, guided by our core values, aiming for flexibility to meet partners' needs. Our approach fosters openness, honesty, and adaptability, welcoming feedback and adjustments throughout projects. We actively engage partners in the design, implementation, and evaluation phases, drawing on their insights for decision-making.
Central to our mission is empowering local leadership. We leverage our platform to amplify the voices and expertise of local and national organisations, supporting their growth and priorities within their communities through engaging them in our projects.
We invest our time and resources into the development, humanitarian, and civil society sectors, where they are most needed and most valuable. We do this through independent research, events, mentoring, supporting local partners, and promoting ethical business practices.


Our Team


Maryana Zaviyska

Executive | Methodologist | Facilitator


Taras Tymchuk

Connector | Pragmatist | Executive


Sasha Tselishcheva

Evaluator | Facilitator | Global Traveler


Olga Kuno

Analyst | Reporter


Tania Danyliv

RBM & Logframe fan | Evaluator 


Oleg Ovcharenko

Interviewer | Facilitator  

Affiliations & Membership

Award "Most Innovative Solutions for Companies"

Future Search Network (2012)

Award "Best Service Provider"

Open Space Facilitator Network (2016)

Award "Comfortable and Modern Office Design"

International Humanitarian Studies Association (2023)