Taras Tymchuk
No BS Consulting in Stakeholder Analysis & Engagement, Community & Organizational Development
Taras is passionate about locating, surfacing and correcting systemic bugs that drop productivity in organizations, communities and businesses. He focuses on group interactions, collective decision-making (and bringing those decisions into reality) to make this world a better place.
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Taras is an independent management consultant, facilitator, research and development expert. His profound expertise in the fields of managing large group conversations, civil society development, international aid development, understanding of contemporary political, social and economic context is backed by 15 years of experience. Taras Tymchuk has provided consultancy services for key donor organizations as a facilitator, researcher, community development, communication and partnership development consultant
Implementation more than 100 projects on the team lead position
Research, M&E, Product Design and Community Development projects funded by international aid organizations: EU, USAID, SIDA, US Embassy, UNDEF, Council of Europe, CIDA, CONCORD, UNDP, PACT inc., IREX, EEF, International Renaissance Foundation, Ukrainian Social Investment Fund

Cross-functional and multidisciplinary experience helps to identify and manage risks and select the tools and approaches to ensure high-quality deliverables.
Implementation more than 40 consulting contracts for Ukrainian and international organizations

Google, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Ukrainian Social Investments Fund, U-LEAD with Europe, GIZ funded projects, CEDOS, UNDP in Ukraine, UNV Kazakhstan, DVV International in Ukraine, DAI (USA), Individuell Människohjälp Swedish Development Partner (Moldova), Council of Europe, DOBRE Program (USAID project), OSCE, IREX, PACT inc.

Extensive experience with a variety of stakeholders gives the big picture of trends that shape our today.
Works globally
Taras provided consulting services in Civil Society development area in Hungary, Tunisia Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan.


Knowledge of worldwide trends and experience working with other cultural, social and ethnic groups both locally and worldwide
Innovations: development and promotion
  • Co-author of legendary Ukrainian innovative cooperative board game 'World of Community', that is often used as a tool of community engagement, civic education, integration and diagnostics;
  • Managing Partner in Open Space Works Cooperative since 2016
  • as a national coordinator, made contributions to development of Istanbul Principles of CSO Effectiveness Development
  • In 2007-2013 he developed the most popular NGO communication platform in Ukraine gurt.org.ua
Uses and promotes innovations as their creator and practitioner as opposed to "preaching without practicing"
Large Group Facilitation
Open Space Learning Workshop, ToT program with Lisa Heft
Managing Future Search, Workshop with Sandra Janoff & Marvin Weisbord
Technology of Participation®, Facilitation Methods, ToT with Irina Fursman, Institute of Culture Affairs Ukraine
Appreciative Inquiry, ToT Program with Flemming Heegaard
Management of Productive Meetings
Don't Just Do Something, Stand There, Managing Productive Meetings, Workshop with Sandra Janoff & Marvin Weisbord
Adult Education & Community Development
Personal Finance Management, ToT program, (USAID/FINREP-II)
Start and Improve Your Business, ToT program of International Labor Organization
Adult Education for Rural Development, Kashubian Folk High School/DVV International/
Organizational Development, Advocacy and Community Leadership, Resource Mobilization, CSDF/GURT
Communication & Social Science
Postgraduate programme in Religion
Masters of Arts in Public Relations
Bachelor of Arts in Culture
  • Stakeholders Analysis: can source the right information and engage the right people for research and preparation of project or business proposals;
  • Productive Meetings: can help to plan and run an important large group meeting or discussion of a complex, hot questions to make a hard decision;
  • Strategic Planning & Product Development: can develop a program for working with multi-stakeholder audience using Open Space, Future Search, World Cafe, ToP, Design Thinking technologies;
  • Community and Organizational Development: can reveal hidden assets in your company as well as hidden tumors in your business or organization;
  • PR & Communication: can develop a communication campaign, video, reports etc to promote or sell a better version of the future for a community or social group;
Consulting services for USAID proposal development
Client: DAI (USA)
Role: Local fixer, stakeholder analyst
Key responsibilities:
  • Based on the country and technical knowledge, consult with the proposal team on technical matters;
  • Propose meetings with relevant stakeholders
  • Schedule meetings with priority stakeholders and attend meetings together with the recon team; Identify additional information sources and documents
The company won the competition ($61,818,364) and will be implementing new USAID funded project in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts.

Сivic Education Course Development
Client: UNDP
Beneficiary: Ministry of Youth & Sport
Role: Facilitator
Key responsibilities:
Design and conduction of participatory planning session on civic education course for Youth Worker Program in Future Search format.The session involved all stakeholders of the initiative: the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Ukraine, community leaders, informal education practitioners, youth and donor representatives.

The course concept became legitimate in the eyes of stakeholders and allowed to write the ToR to launch the project in the shortest terms
Context Analysis, Mapping Key Stakeholders for Future Cooperation
Client: IM Swedish Development Partner
Role: Stakeholder Analyst
Key responsibilities:
  • Conduct a clear and precise analysis of poverty and human rights situation; special focus should be given to the rights of persons with disabilities;
  • Provide an analysis on the current civil society role and challenges;
  • Provide overview statistics on human development trends;
  • Conduct a stakeholder analysis;
  • Provide recommendations to effectively integrate gender, disability, environment and conflict sensitivity in the potential strategy.

A Moldova-based and Swedish-rooted organization who first went out on Ukrainian market found reliable partners for the implementation of a cross boarder capacity development program in Ukraine
Taras is very consistent in what he does and is making every effort to upgrade his skills and knowledge. A consultant of wide and expanding horizons, with unflagging appetite for self-development. He is a professional who knows how to put an incisive question, how to listen actively to create an enabling environment for group work, how to manage the group dynamics for rewarding outputs.

Taras is a very creative professional and is an author of the development game, the first of its kind in Ukraine, which is gaining popularity and serving to find solutions in a variety of complex multilayer environments.
I would highly recommend Taras's services.
Olga Sandakova
Project Manager at the Office of the Council of Europe in Ukraine
I know Taras as a highly committed professional since my work at the UN office in Ukraine in 2010. Due to his extensive experience in civil society sector development across the country and Eastern Europe combined with his international training and strong analytical skills, Taras stands out as one of top-notch consultants in the field.

His ability to research complex topics, work independently, yet successfully coordinate with partners, and creatively facilitate challenging discussions made our concluding event of the EU funded Regional Voices project in open space format a huge success, resulting in new media – CSOs alliances aimed at advocacy of internally displaced people's rights and access to social services
Olena Sadovnik
Thomson Foundation Project Coordinator
Thank you so much! I will share your contact information with our project management team and let them know what an incredible asset you were during the recon
Amy Fishe
New Business Specialist in DAI
Taras is a competent facilitator with the relevant experience in civil society development, communications and innovative approaches to problem solving. Provided the expected results on time and of a good quality, recommended for similar engagements
Olena Ursu
Civil Society Project Coordinator at UNDP Ukraine
After 10 years in civil society development sector, Taras went on with his career in the role of an independent consultant and researcher in organizational development and group processes. Over the last 5 years, he has been consulting leading national and worldwide organizations who support reforms and systemic changes in Ukraine.

Taras has developed communication strategies and products, solutions in education and management; designed events and activities, which are aimed to strengthen ongoing systemic changes through meaningful conversations and group meetings.

In Open Space Works Cooperative, Taras facilitates participative group conversations in the Open Space, Future Search, World Cafe formats and promotes these approaches around Ukraine. Taras loves complex tasks that lie on the cross-border of education, participation, gamification and behavioral studies.

In his free time Taras writes to his blog about the use of gamification in local community development, telegram-channel about Aid & Development Industry.
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