Open Space Works Cooperative
Open Space Works Cooperative was established as an independent consultancy group in 2016. We work together in order to strengthen our competencies in organizational and community building by mutual support and experience sharing.

We work with international financial and technical cooperation projects, national foundations, private companies when traditional organization and community development approaches do not work or even harm.

Key Competences
Stakeholders Analysis, Engagement, Organizational and Community Development, Large Group Facilitation in Open Space, Future Search, World Cafe, ToP.
When people have an opportunity to take responsibilities for their passion, managing people, projects and tasks become easy
Why choose us?
What our clients value
Being independent from organizational structures and donor funding, we can be objective and uninfluenced in assessing the operating context, potential risks, and possible scenarios for the development interventions.
Deep understanding of the Context
Working with the various clients such as the Government of Ukraine, Â international financial and technical cooperation projects, local communities, large and small businesses, NGOs and networks, we can keep pace and understand what is happening now, both in the area of community development as a whole and in separate segments, as well as understand what methods work well and why, and which do not work.
Complex solutions
We understand that the challenges encountered by organizations working in the field of community development require complex solutions. The multidisciplinary experience of each team member allows us to look at the project from different angles and find hidden opportunities, identify risks and manage in advance.
Support at all stages of work
We often do a little more than it is foreseen in the contract, because we understand that community development work has many pitfalls that can not always be reflected in the contract.
Mutual iterative learning
If the implementation of the contract did not bring us as executors and customers new knowledge that allows us to change our habits or approaches, then such a contract can be considered unsuccessful. But so far this has not happened in our practice.
Our team
Everyone from us brought their own unique experience, skills and expertise
Maryana Zaviyska
Independent consultant, facilitator and researcher
Maryana studied the Open Space technology within the Genuine Contact Program - a holistic approach to the organizational development
Taras Tymchuk
Independent consultant, facilitator, researcher and entrepreneur
Taras studied Open Space technology at Lisa Heft Open Space Learning Program

Professional Background
Oleksandra Tselishcheva
Independent consultant, facilitator and M&E professional
Oleksandra studied Open Space technology with Bhavesh Patel
Business Profile
Projects, clients, services
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